Welcome to Granada Huntley East Chain!

“It is one of my greatest blessings that I love what I do every day. My greatest achievement will simply and always be every time I have the opportunity to impact the life of a child in a positive way,” states Derek Olson, 2008 Minnesota Teacher of the Year.  Olson exemplifies educational excellence by teaching kids a love for learning and giving them the tools to do it. This coincides with our mission statement that “we will build on individual strength while appreciating individual uniqueness. Through a relevant curriculum, learners will become productive participants in a changing global society.”
My goal is for everyone involved in our school to make connections with each student and to develop in them a passion for learning. This is a big challenge for all us involved with our school.
And now a little about my family:  My wife and I have four adult children and three grandchildren. My oldest daughter, Krista, is a high school Spanish teacher in Hutchinson and her husband is an elementary teacher in Glencoe/Silver Lake. They have two boys: Chase, a six year old first grader, and Easton who is 3. My second daughter, Mara, is an occupational therapist in St. Paul and has a baby girl Stella. Anna, my youngest daughter, works for
Genentech, a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco, which is quite a job for someone with a doctorate in vocal performance (opera). Michael, my youngest, works with the San Diego County Medical Examiner doing epilepsy brain research with New York University.. My wife is a retired kindergarten teacher. I have been a math teacher, coach, K-12 principal, high school principal, middle school principal, school board member and superintendent. 

Contact: Dale Brandsoy