Welcome to 6th Grade Science! Throughout this course you will be discovering and exploring the world around you. We hope you find yourself learning different skills that will prepare you for the ‘real world’. You will be working hard to develop new skills and understand new concepts throughout the year. 6th grade science is divided into two semesters - Life and Earth Science and Physical Science and Space and Technology. First semester you will be taking Physical Science and Space and Technology. This syllabus will give you information about how to become a productive member of my classroom, so that you can be the best student you can be! I am looking forward to what we can accomplish this year.

In this semester, students will discover the physical science of our world, gaining an understanding of the properties of matter, atoms, and other elements. Students will also discover the relationship of forces and motion and how energy changes form.  Students will also dive into the world of machinery looking at how simple machines work and how they help people. Finally students will focus on space, consisting of the earth, sun, moon, stars and planets.

Please click HERE for the Science course syllabus.